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Giving Tuesday Gala 2019

A big thank you from our board members and volunteers to our donors and participants in the Giving Tuesday Gala!

Science Expo at Sunrise Place

Stems4Girls hosts the Science Expo at the Boys and Girl's Club Sunrise Place Apartments. Participants engaged in scientific exploration and discovery. 

tutorial session testimonials


1) What was the most important thing that you learned?

Joneyshka: Water cycle and learning about plants

Eniyah: Pollination, the scientific method and computers

Yoleiny: Needing computers for homework, games, looking up information, YouTube, and printing

Destiny: Computers and how they help, time tables

S’ariyah: How to do homework 

2) What was your favorite thing that you learned?

Joneyshka: Water cycle, and how evaporation and condensation works

Eniyah: Computers and the scientific method and that computers tell information and seeing funny things on the videos

Yoleiny: The scientific method and learning what plants need to grow 

Destiny: Math and learning about numbers 

S’ariyah: Jojo Siwa and plants 

3) Did you like coming to the sessions?

Joneyshka: Yes, it taught what may be on the test and stuff that you didn’t know

Eniyah:Yes, I liked Snacks and coming and learning new things

Yoleiny: Yes, I liked learning things you didn’t know and maybe half understood, got a better understanding 

Destiny: Yes, I liked coming and learrning about seeds and flowers

S’ariyah: Yes, I liked coming and learning and running outside

4) Do you think that coming will help you in school?

Joneyshka: Yes learning about the steps,processes and how this work will help

Eniyah: Yes, it will help with Language Arts and math and help to think more about things

Yoleiny: Things learning here might be what we’re learning in school, making it easier to understand 

Destiny: Yes so when asked a question, I’ll know the answer

S’ariyah: Yes it’ll help since I’m going into first grade

5) Would you like to come back and learn more? Would you bring a friend?

Joneyshka: Yes and would bring a friend

Eniyah: Yes and would bring a friend 

Yoleiny: Yes and would bring a friend

Destiny: Yes and would bring a friend 

S’ariyah: Yes and would bring a friend

STEM LITeracy program


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) a STEM4Girls Literacy Initiative

 "Yes, I would return again and bring a friend." 


Saturday Sessions

 The Saturday STEMLit tutorial and enrichment sessions ended on May 18th.  Every other Saturday morning at 10 am, we opened the doors at the Sunrise Apt Complex to begin our Science and Math Tutorial and Enrichment Program. Our college volunteers and professionals were crucial to the success of our Saturday sessions. We learned a lot about plant life and planted our own blooming flowers. During the last session groups of participants presented the findings of their hypothesis. 



Shout out to the Boys and Girls Club of Big Bend for accommodating us.


Thank You For Making This #GivingTuesday a Success!

Amazing Tallahassee Women in STEM careers

At S4G's Giving Tuesday Gala several women in STEM careers were in attendance supporting our organization and mission.  The gala, a family friendly event, featured many women in STEM, from the volunteers ranging from high schoolers, college graduates, professionals, and retirees. Attendees of the gala were treated informative speeches about the minorities, specifically women in various STEM fields. The keynote speaker, Roxanne Hughes, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Integrating Research and Learning at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab), specifically, highlighted the difference in the number of men and women in STEM fields, and how that gap has grown in recent years.  These women are role models for our girls and we thank them for sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

S4G Lights on Afterschool Science Fair

October 25, 2018

S4G hosted the Lights on Afterschool Science Fair for the children of the community. There were several science experiment tables as well as distinguished guest speakers. The Science Fair sparked curiosity and challenged young minds while reinforcing the importance of supporting afterschool programs.

An room filled with children, youth, college students, and professionals.

Pictured is Zaira Leo and Tishauna Wilson. Zaira was a Science Fair participant. Tishauna was our honorary guest speaker and is a leader and role model for our young women in tech. Tishauna is a third year Computer Science undergraduate student at Florida A&M University. At just 20-years-old, Wilson was recognized among a group of distinguished black women at the McDonald’s 365Black Awards for developing technology-based programs at Florida A&M University (FAMU).

Also a big thank you to:

Challenge Learning Center

FAMU 4-H and Youth Development

National MagLab

National Society of Black Engineers

TCC Lab Center

Big Bend Boys and Girls Club