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About STEMS4Girls

Our Mission


Increase the number of minority female children and youth from underserved communities interest in science, technology, engineering, and math studies (STEMS4Girls).

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Our Vision


In response to meeting the demand for human resources in the fastest growing sector in today's economy, STEMS4GIRLS in Tallahassee will partner with other community organizations, donors, and businesses in raising the public's awareness about the need for greater assess to high quality early childhood STEM education for all children.   Our commitment is to help our targeted demographics become inspired, connected, engaged, supported, enriched, exposed and equipped to handle the impact of STEM in building sustainable, healthy communities. 

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Our Inititives


STEMS4Girls’ Board of Directors identified three initiatives it believes will further S4G mission and  spark learning and interest in science and technology education and careers, community leadership, and collaborative partnerships.

  • S4G STEM Literacy Program is an after-school program that will introduce participants to how science and technology is used to solve every problems and offer hands on activities, field trips, presentations, and more to a targeted group of minority girls in the communities where they live.  Our goal is to stimulate their interest in pursuing STEM education and careers.


  • S4G Volunteer/Mentor Program is intentional about employing an intergenerational approach to meet program, and individual professional and personal growth needs. STEMS4Girls volunteers who meet our requirements will have a platform to advocate for after-school STEM learning for all children, gain community and professional leadership experience and skills,  organize community events, earn community service hours, present at workshops, meeting and events, perform demonstrations, participate in panel discussion, attend field trips, network with other organizations and agencies, and/or become a menctor.  What ever your interest   like to create the space whe you to achieve and grow. 

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From the Classroom to S4G Boardroom (Fall 2018)

Get Involved by becoming a Mentor

End of school year meeting at Canopy Road Cafe

Youth Mentor

Youth as mentors are high school students trained to help young children in a variety of settings with hands-on-activities under the supervision of a college student and/or an adult.   

College Student Mentor

 College students as mentors are trained by professional educators or they enter the organization with previous experience as a mentor to youth or children usually through an afterschool program or a camp. 

Professional Mentor

Professionals as mentors are invited to serve on one of S4G six committees, sponsor or co-sponsor an event,  be a panelist, speakers, or lead/facilitate a workshops.  

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P. O. Box 6902 Tallahassee, Florida, 32314, United States

(850) 688-2718


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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