Don't stop here, volunteer!

To become a STEMS4Girls Mentor register with VolunteerLeon at or contact Kaye Crawford at ​​ for more information.  

S4G Mentoring program is essential to the success of the organization. As a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization, S4G is passionate about building a multi-generational 

interdependent organization where

collective and collaborative actions will serve the community. 

Volunteers giving of their time, resources, and skills are recruited from local high schools, two major universities and local colleges, as well as, professionals and retirees.

From the classroom to the boardroom

Valencia Lawrence and Chloe Henderson recognition award for one year of volunteer service with S4G


"My name is Valencia Lawrence, a third-year full-time student at Florida A&M University and S4G web page designer. I am pursuing my undergraduate degree with a major in Computer Information Systems and anticipate graduation in Spring 2020, with a certificate in cyber security and a minor in business. I have been apart of STEMS4Girls since December 2017, and I have watched it grow from a prodigious vision into a remarkable reality. I joined STEMS4Girls because I relate to its mission, I could see the lack of minorities, especially women in STEM fields. By being a part of this organization, I can help bridge that gap and bring STEM to underserved and overlooked communities. It also allows me to use and develop my interests and talents to help my community and strengthen our impact. I enjoy the feeling that the work that I do helps change the lives of others."

Chloe Henderson a 4th year FAMU Doctor of Pharmacy candidate whose career goal is to become an entrepreneur by opening her own non-profit pharmacy.  She has been a reliable member of our team for over a year and has made significant decision making contributions to our organization.   In addition to being a full time student Chloe volunteers her services in many areas of need at STEMS4Girls.



 Your generous investment will help us achieve our goals.  Together, we can make a difference.