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S4G Mentoring Program


S4G Mentoring program is essential to the success of the organization.  As a nonprofit charitable organization, S4G is passionate about building an inter-generational interdependent organization where collective and collaborative actions will serve the community.   Volunteers giving of their time, resources, and skills allow us to provide intensive programs and services that will inspire, connect, engage, support, enrich, expose and equip our program participants to handle the impact of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in building sustainable, healthy communities.  Volunteers are recruited from local high schools, two major universities and local colleges, as well as, professionals and retirees. 

We offer various levels of mentoring opportunities: youth as mentors, college students as mentors, and professional as mentors.

Youth as mentors are high school students trained to help young children in a variety of settings with hands-on-activities under the supervision of a college student  and/or an adult.  Research indicates that youth who serve as mentors gain positive rewards such as improved health and self esteem, sense of accomplishment, public recognition, and inclusion in a volunteer community.  Our youth mentors volunteer 2 - 10 hours per month some serving as one-to-one mentors to school age children.

College students as mentors are trained by professional educators or they enter the organization with previous experience as a mentor to youth or children usually through an after school program or a camp.  In this situation, the youth mentor becomes the mentee of a college student.  Additional benefits from being a mentor include greater school connectedness, improved academic performance, and reductions in substance abuse, and other high-risk behaviors.  College students as mentors volunteer 3 - 15 hours per month serving as role models, advocates, trainers, and civic leaders to children, youth and the community.

Professionals as mentors are invited to serve on one of S4G six committees, sponsor or co-sponsor an event,  be a panelist, speakers, or lead/facilitate a workshops.   We believe that through the sharing of our resources, talents, and time we can impact the retention and graduation rate of minority females  entering a STEM field of studies, as well as, improve the STEM literacy gap in the lives of children whose access to a high quality STEM education and/or resources is limited. 


To become a STEMS4Girls Mentor register at VolunteerLeon or go to

S4G STEM Literacy Program


STEMS4Girls Literacy Program is about developing partnerships with local targeted community organizations in Leon County that are interested in promoting STEM awareness, literacy and careers.  

The S4G STEM literacy program is geared towards minority students ages 5 through 12 living in underserved communities. Hands-on engagement in activities and inquiry-based exploration, is an approach proven to enhance students’ enthusiasm for math and science. In addition, to participating in STEM activities, 

students will receive instruction on the scientific method as they conduct research and oral presentations of their findings.

Research suggests STEM activities designed to stimulate a child’s curiosity will have a positive impact on students’ critical thinking skills and achievement gap in math and science.

 Students will be given a pre and post assessment to determine their STEM knowledge before and after the program. Activities provided will be free to participants. 

For more information about this program contact Caitlyn Gutierrez at

S4G (2020) Program Facility

In 2020, S4G anticipates opening its door to a state-of-the art science and technology facility.  S4G is passionate about building an inter-generational interdependent  organization where collective and collaborative actions will serve the community. The facility will be populated by clients, students, and children who will be engaged actively by educators, tutors, and mentors.
The S4G Program Facility will be the hub where most programs and services will take place.   Using a developmentally appropriate STEM curriculum, early learners will have space where they can explore scientific practices in a natural home like learning environment; and, a cohort of young women will have excess to on-site extensive services and programs that help them succeed in graduating from an institution of higher learning with a STEM  related credential and employment. 

Our commitment is to help minority young girls and women to be inspired, connected, engaged, supported, enriched, exposed and equipped to handle the impact of STEM in building sustainable, healthy communities. 

You can help fund this S4G 2020 initiative by partnering with us or making a designated donation on-line or by mail.

Tutorial Program Registation Application

STEMS4Girls is partnering with the Boys & Girls club to host a biweekly tutorial and enhancement program every other Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, except if there is a holiday. During this time, your child will be exposed to STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lessons designed to enrich their minds. STEMS4Girls is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to increase the number of minority female children and youth from under-served communities in science, technology, engineering, and math studies. We do not charge for our services; however donations are always accepted.

Please register each child you would like to participate in the program.

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